Maribyrd Maribyrd
Singer, Songwriter, Artist

"Chock-full of acoustic darlings, 'The Cabin Sessions' maintains a
harmonious ambiance throughout. From the country, electric vibe of
"North Country Snow" to the moody strokes of "Closure," the album
shows Hubley's ability to push the envelope of acoustic music."
~Greg Watry, NJ Herald

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Affectionately described by her peers as "NJ's Joni Mitchell",  Mary Hubley,  known as Maribyrd,  is a singer/songwriter
born and raised in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains of Northern NJ.  Her live performances range from intimate
and acoustic,  to dynamic full bands, and everything in between.   Both fronting her own projects and sitting in with artists
throughout NJ, NY, & PA, she plays acoustic guitar, mandolin, a little bass, and has both a gift and a passion for harmonies.
"Ethereal" and "floating" are words commonly used in regard to her vocals.   Byrd started playing music as a teenager, self
taught on her mom's old nylon string Yamaha.  That's when she started writing.  Maribyrd's debut album "Joe's Basemant"
was recorded in 2002, and is peppered with of some of the most talented musicians in the north jersey music scene. Hubley
explored a variety of career paths, always keeping music in her back pocket, playing occasional shows and open mics as a
hobby. The call to sing finally became too loud to ignore, and 13 years later, she found herself back in the studio.

"The Cabin Sessions" was released the summer of 2015, followed by the debut album from her band Byrdgrass in 2016.
Since then has she added harmonies to many local artists records...and a new solo record is being plotted out for a winter
release. Pursuing her dreams, Maribyrd is spending more time on the road. She plays regularly throughout NJ, PA, upstate
NY and New England, has been a showcased songwriter in Asheville and Nasheville, and in 2016 completed her 1st cross
country tour, successfully singing her way out to Seattle and back, winning over the hearts new fans by the minute....
look for Maribyrd to be flying through your town soon!

When Maribyrd doesn't have a musical instrument in her hands, she trades it for a paint brush or a crochet hook.
As a decorative artist,  her skill set includes  woodgraining,  marbleizing,  stencils,  antiquing,  custom wood finishes,
furniture refinishing, custom color matching, and gold and silver leaf finishes. You can email her for painting inquiries.
With a crochet hook she creates hats, scarves, childrens toys, blankets, and other random things...including upcycled
"bag-bags" (made from repurposed plastic bags) Samples can be found on her Etsy Page, all orders are custom made

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